Job-related anxieties that come with parental leave, including worries about slowing one’s career’s trajectory, are familiar to many women. As more employers expand parental-leave benefits for men, new and soon-to-be fathers are confronting those same concerns.
— Wall Street Journal


Our Mission

Revolutionize parental leave in the workplace.


We partner with companies to go beyond offering maternity & paternity leave. Our process manages every step of the before, during and after the parental leave process. Our approach help organizations remove bias & risk from decision making, reduce the fear associated with taking leave and much more. Our portal helps managers maximize retention and bolster their talent leadership pipeline. 

Features of our program - 

  • reporting and data tracking using real time and predictive analytics

  • communication & collaboration tools with a structured plan

  • reminders and calendar plug-ins

  • legal compliance tools

  • predictive retention system

  • repository of industry best practices to generate ideas

  • benefits scenario modeling tool

  • parental policy generator

  • clear understanding of company benefits

  • level up skills models

  • community resource group program

  • personalized assessment for parents and managers

  • knowledge transfer program for backfill during leave

  • dynamic on ramping plan creation to support successful re-entry

  • employer specific recruitment package

  • benefit and policy translation and supportive implementation

  • guided architecture of flexible work arrangement

  • unconscious bias training

"Career Allies offered a unique perspective and toolset that kept a spot-on balance between supporting team members and business operations"