What Google Can Learn From adidas In The Wake Of The Employee Walkout

“They want a culture that not only celebrates the Ideal Worker type and sacrifice but also values employees as whole humans, normalizes parenthood and caring responsibilities and allows their people to have a happy and fulfilled life outside of their work and careers.”

Four women share their stories of pregnancy discrimination

Four women share their stories of pregnancy discrimination

“Eventually she called and said they had decided to withdraw the offer because I was pregnant.”

WSJ Reports on LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company Women in the Workplace 2018 Report

It is time for women to stop falling out of the workforce executive pipeline. This report highlights the multifaceted issues that women and companies face. There is no silver bullet, training or hiring practice that is going to fix the current state. It is going to take an army of us to build systems, policies and practices to knock down the maternal wall, chip away at unconscious bias and highlight the #metoo issues to create a new workplace for our daughters.