Companies lose between 20-30% of their women in the years when they’re having children. The cost of attrition is commonly valued between two and three times the employee’s salary, and there is the additional risk that the replacement won’t work out.

- Huffington Post


TiLT- Talent in Leave Technology

TiLT, a web platform that guides managers, parents, and HR to create and carry out respectful parental leaves, ensuring parents return to work engaged and prepared

How our process helps companies:

  • Reduce unconscious & conscious bias

  • Independently understand unique, time-sensitive needs through pregnancy, leave time, and re-entry

  • Applying regulatory and company policy ground rules that affect each individual situation

  • Engage regularly in collaborative dialogue with pregnant employee to maintain a successful course of action (course of action as defined as successful by both parties*)

  • Prioritize needs to minimize mismatch between goals of employee, supervisor, HR, and Company programs

  • Coaching to develop interpersonal skills, including empathy, listening, understanding, productivity and sensitivity to effectively relate to pregnant employee(s)

How our process helps employees:

  • Define and clarify career aims and expectations through pregnancy, leave time, and upon reentry

  • Learn about regulatory rights and existing company policies

  • Guide timing and prioritization of goals and align personal and company needs

  • Develop productive dialogue with supervisor to facilitate understanding 

  • Effectively develop a mutually agreed upon course of action and outcome (successful outcome and course of actions as defined by both parties*)

  • Define priorities and plan of respectful action to minimize mismatch between goals of employee, supervisor, HR, and Company programs

A lack of professional advancement for mothers as a result of bias, termed the “maternal wall,” often has a big impact on who makes it to top leadership positions. That in turn determines who’s setting policies that affect younger mothers who are coming up in the work force.
— New York Times


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