Supporting organizations by engaging employees through career transitions 

Based in the choice city of Fort Collins, CO, our organization specializes in partnering with progressive, people-minded organizations to create custom employee transition plans. Whether your talent is retiring or taking a career recess, we create highly effective systems to transfer knowledge, bridge communication and reduce turnover disruption. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

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Why use Career Allies? 

Retain knowledge 

Effective knowledge transfer processes are of extreme  importance in every organization in order to safeguard them from loss of institutional knowledge and best practices. Employees will always leave an organization at some point. Whether expected or unexpected, it is critical to have a system in place to gather knowledge. Our programs protect you from loss of intellectual data while supporting the transition of your employees. 

improve productivity 

When people know the plan, productivity increases and the capacity for creativity and ingenuity expands. Help your teams "quiet the noise", remain focused on being at their best, and confident in the steps ahead. Our knowledge transfer process ensures that your best talent sets others  up for success and quickly maximizes productivity during and after transitions. 

reduce turnover  

By creating knowledge retention programs, employers are set up to have a deeper bench of talent. Mentorships, open sharing of information and demonstration of development show employees that their company cares about their future and advancement opportunities. Knowledge transfer systems give companies a competitive edge to attracting and retaining the best talent.

increase employee engagement  

Life is full of unexpected and expected turns, both paths cause anxiety and unrest. By navigating through these major changes with a plan and open communication, the discretionary effort and job satisfaction you will get from your employee is beyond measure. Our propriety transition process builds confidence in your organization's ability to shift talent flawlessly and respectfully. 

improve communication  

Transparency, clear communication, and empowerment all generate trust and thus commitment. Your organization is in complete control to provide effective and respectful communication every step of the way during an employee's career transition. We facilitate, direct and plan thoughtful and productive communication during career shifts.                                                                               

become an employer of choice 

Progressive, people-centered organizations who truly walk the talk that people are their best asset will continue to rise above the rest. Providing the support and organization necessary to successfully maneuver an employee's career shift will demonstrate your care and distinction as an employer. 


What do you get with Career Allies?

Are you an employer who is about to have a valued employee take time off to care for a child or elderly parent or do you have a tenured, highly proficient member of your team about to retire? Do you have a detailed, time sensitive, managed plan ready to ensure that your company doesn't miss a beat when those valuable assets step away? If not, Career Allies is here to help. 


The Employee 

  • one-on-one initial consultation to create a custom transition plan 
  • a personal Career Allies contact to help navigate their transition 
  • a custom transition plan with specific action steps to maneuver career shift with employer in a positive and supported way 
  • ongoing coaching to execute personal plan and increase effectiveness 

The Organization 

  • thorough initial strategy session to ensure your organization's goals are clearly outlined 
  • one-on-one consultation to review and align transition plan with employee 
  • a dedicated team of Career Allies contacts to track progress towards overall goals 
  • pre-determined meetings to check-and-adjust plan as needed 
  • leadership coaching to manage the plans and workplace culture 

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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